La SemanaThe Minnesota Family Culture Camp for Kids from Latin America
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About La Semana

la_semanaLa Semana is a day-camp for children adopted from Latin American countries, but we welcome their non-Latin American siblings too. Started in 1981, La Semana was first held at the Minnesota Science Museum. La Semana has grown from attendance in the double digits to a camp welcoming more than 425 children born in over 20 different countries traveling from their homes in 14 different states and Canada for a week of fun, friendship and culture with other families created through adoption. Crafts, Spanish, dance class, life, food, fun, friendship and Fiesta make La Semana a week to remember and look forward to each year.

Campers spend each day rotating through different classes. They learn some Spanish. They spend time in "Specialty," which is the study of a different country each year. In "Life" they learn about adoption issues, presented at age-appropriate levels. "Dance" teaches campers authentic Latin dances, using authentic costumes. They will show off their dancing at the Friday evening ¡Fiesta!

fiestaThere are also special events on different days. La Semana kicks off with a flag ceremony first thing Monday morning. Wednesday is Market Day where the hallways are lined with crafts, books and authentic merchandise available for purchase by campers and their parents. On Thursday, an authentic Latin meal is provided for lunch. La Semana culminates with a ¡Fiesta! Friday evening where all the campers show off the dances they've learned during camp.

Registration is open to children who will enter first grade (in the fall following camp) to young adults who just graduated from high school (the spring before camp). Younger children may stay in our daycare or attend our pre-K or kindergarten programs provided they (1) have an older sibling registered at camp, (2) a parent is volunteering on site, and (3) we have the space. We require a parent of all kindergarten through tenth grade campers to volunteer in some capacity.


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