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La Semana Virtual Office Main Page

Welcome to La Semana's Virtual Office. From these pages, you should be able to find the answers to most of your questions about the business of running La Semana camp.

Planning Committee and Board of Directors Info

Planning committee contact info, meeting information, calendar, etc.

La Semana Documents

Quite a lot of work goes on behind the scenes all year round to make La Semana the successful camp that it is. Some of the information here in the Virtual Office, like meeting minutes, is available to anyone who clicks on it (in other words, it is "public"). Other information, such insurance information, is stored on the secure side of the Virtual Office.

If you are a volunteer and need access to something that is on the secure side of the Virtual Office, contact your committee chair.

Planning Committee Documents for 2013 Camp

Public Documents (General)

Secure Virtual Office

Other Information

Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration

La Semana is a member of the Minnesota Association for Volunteer Administration. Their website can be found at and offers a great deal of information that we, as camp organizers, may find useful. If you find that you need to log in to access something, send an email to for our username and password.



Questions? Email or click on the links to the left (main menu) or right (special announcements and quick links).

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Are you a past La Semana camper, amigo, or ayudante? Check out the Los Alumnos de La Semana page