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Volunteer Job Descriptions

la semanaLa Semana has been successful due to the volunteer efforts of the families of children attending the camp. All camp programs are planned and executed by the families involved. There are generally fewer than seven paid teachers for more than 400 campers. To encourage participation, we require a parent of all kindergarten through tenth grade campers to volunteer in some capacity, and camp fees are based on the amount of volunteer help provided. Please carefully consider the time your family is able to spend on camp related activities. The coordinators need to know that their volunteers will be able to fulfill their assigned responsibilities.

StopDo You Need to Renew Your Volunteer Background Check?

Each volunteer must have a current background check before their registration is complete. If your background check was implemented in 2012, you are probably current for 2013 (in general, they last three years).
     You need to complete a background check for 2013 if:

  • you have had any violations since 2012 camp
  • you did not complete one in 2012
  • or you are notified by La Semana staff that your background check has expired.

To Start a New Background Check (or to Renew, if Necessary):

Please follow the instructions in this User Guide. VERY IMPORTANT: Follow along step-by-step in the User Guide as you complete your background check.

  1. Open the User Guide
  2. Log into the background check system:
              username: LAPARENTS
              password: CHILDREN2012
  3. Follow the step-by-step instructions as you complete the check.

NOTE: We will honor registrations as long as the background check gets completed sometime in March and there are no objectionable findings.  If you had problems with the system, please try the background check again in a week or so.

Read About the Available Jobs

The list of volunteer job descriptions is kept on Google Docs. Please click here.

Help Us Keep the Job Descriptions Up-to-Date and Accurate!

Note: One of the goals for the La Semana planning committee is to collect information about each camp job and then create job descriptions for each job. The job descriptions will help volunteers chose jobs of interest and will serve as a road map for volunteers to as they carry out their tasks. From this link you can go to a Google Docs file folder containing each of the La Semana volunteer opportunities, sorted by committee. Each job description is editable by anyone. If you have done a camp job before, please find its job description and share your knowledge by adding your comments.


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