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La SemanaLa Semana is a week-long culture day-camp for children in elementary through high school adopted from Latin America and their family members. Different from traditional summer camps, La Semana is designed to promote self-esteem and foster an understanding of Latin American culture and history. The children learn Latin American crafts and dances, try Latin American foods, hear Latin American music and are exposed to written and spoken Spanish. The children also take a class that focuses on age-appropriate topics related to adoption.

La Semana Volunteers Needed

Help make the 2017 La Semana a great experience for all our campers. We need volunteers in the positions listed below. Remember that these leadership volunteers are eligible for early camp registration.

  • Volunteer Chair Tier A
  • Volunteer Co-chair Tier B
  • Camp Co-chair Tier A
  • Communications Co-chair Tier B
  • Programming Chair Tier A
  • Programming Co-chair Tier B
  • Operations Co-chair Tier B
  • Kitchen Co-chair Tier B
  • Registration Co-chair Tier B
  • Ayudantes chair Tier A
  • Ayudantes Co-chair Tier B
  • Amigos Chair Tier A
  • Dance Costume Coordinator Pre-camp Tier B
  • Inventory Manager Tier B
  • Main Trailer Storage Tier B

Job descriptions for these positions can be found here. If interested, please email Erica Gossard (ericagossard @ gmail.com) for more information.


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