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La SemanaLa Semana is a week-long culture day-camp for children in elementary through high school adopted from Latin America and their family members. Different from traditional summer camps, La Semana is designed to promote self-esteem and foster an understanding of Latin American culture and history. The children learn Latin American crafts and dances, try Latin American foods, hear Latin American music and are exposed to written and spoken Spanish. The children also take a class that focuses on age-appropriate topics related to adoption.

La Semana Registration Update!


If you are one of the hundreds of families that has registered for La Semana Culture Camp 2016, we’ll see you at Camp! Please pass on the information below to friends who haven’t yet registered.

Registration is still open and there is room in all grades from Daycare through 7th grade!

Also, there are various Parent Volunteer positions available, including several with a “Tier B” discount and some pre- and post-Camp jobs.

To start registration, click on this link: 2016 Registration.

Remember, if you sign on to register and your camper’s grade is full, go ahead and register for the wait list for that grade — there is often lots of movement before Camp. But, if you don’t register on the wait list we will not know about you!

Additional important information about registration:

1. As always in this registration system, you must register a parent volunteer first. Once you get a parent registered, click “Add Participant” to add your camper(s).

2. If you have any questions regarding volunteer positions, please first check our job descriptions page.

3. Information about Camp 2016:

  • Cost of Camp. Camp fees are increasing this year in order to cover the costs of putting on this 500+ camper event. Fees have increased an average of $24 per camper, and are now: Tier A = $75; Tier B = $125; Tier C = $175; Tier D = $275; Tier E = $400. Scholarships are available. Families experiencing financial challenges should contact PLAC Treasurer, Jennie Wollschlager at treasurer@lasemana.org.
  • Ayudantes. In 2016, the Senior Teens (Ayudantes) fee is $75. This reflects the more limited programming offered to Senior Teens as well as their contributed service to La Semana as mentors to younger campers. Parents do not need to volunteer along with their Senior Teen. Just like last year, there are 5 open-ended questions we ask Ayudante registrants to answer. Unlike last year, these questions are now embedded in the application process. Please have answers prepared when you begin the registration process. The questions are:
    • Why would you like to be an Ayudante Volunteer at La Semana Culture Camp 2016
    • How has adoption touched your life?
    • What experience do you have with kids who are younger than you?
    • Do you have any experience through school, church etc. as a peer leader?
    • Share an example of a time you showed leadership skills.
  • Fiesta DVDs. Fiesta DVDs will no longer be available to order online. They can be ordered and paid for at Camp during Camp week or at Fiesta on Friday night.

Payments. This year, we will only accept Master Card, Visa, and Discover credit cards. There will be a 3% surcharge for use of a credit card added to your total payment. We will no longer accept American Express or electronic checks. We highly encourage sending your payment in paper check form (made out to PLAC) to the PLAC Treasurer, Jennie Wollschlager, 153 Surrey Trail South, Apple Valley, MN 55124.

Cancellations. Families cancelling a registration by May 31, 2016 will be charged an administrative fee of $20 per camper. There will be no refunds after May 31st.

Any questions about La Semana Culture Camp Registration can be directed to registrar@lasemana.org. We’re here to help!

Mark Your Calendars for Our 2016 Camp:

Corazon Latino Dance Troupe Registration for 2016 is now closed.

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