Costume Update

Hello families,

As a reminder, all campers should arrive at Fiesta with their dance “under clothes” on under whatever clothes they are wearing.

All girls should be wearing skin color shorts and a white camisole under their clothes. (Black camisole for 6D Merengue.) Girls should arrive with hair done and make-up on. In general, girls’ make-up is blue eye shadow, red lipstick, and rouge. Felicia is suggesting another color of eye shadow, so campers in her dance classes (4D Son de la Quema, 5D/E Sobreros, 6A Festejo) should follow the make-up requests she gave.

All boys borrowing pants or shirts should have skin color shorts and a white T-shirt on underneath. (Class 3B boys dancing in Group 2 may wear a red T-shirt.) The boys in 4C Valicha must be wearing black shorts. All boys except 4C Valicha, 6B Bomba y Plena, and 7A/B should have their parents hold their socks and shoes during Fiesta.

Every year the dance, costume, and fiesta volunteers revise our processes in an attempt to reduce camper and parent stress, to reduce costume damage and loss, to make sure campers have all of the correct costume accessories, and to streamline traffic flow. This year, we are trying something new. When campers arrive, they should meet their classroom facilitators in the cafeteria. The classroom facilitators will escort their campers into the girls dressing room and to the boys’ dressing area. The classroom facilitators already know which costumes their campers need. The girls have been putting on and re-hanging their skirts by themselves all week. The camp week costume assistants and the fiesta costume assistants will make sure campers have costumes on properly and have the correct accessories. Classroom Facilitators will count and make sure all expected campers are present.

Parents will have the opportunity to take their camper’s picture once they are all dressed. As usual, campers will sit in the auditorium with their class and classroom facilitators. (Those campers in one class dancing with another class will sit with their dance: 5C/E Los Monos, 5D/E Sombreros, and 7A/B Waltz.) Parents will sit all together as directed by Fiesta Volunteers. Sit back and enjoy the show.

When campers come off stage they return props, go directly to the dressing rooms, return accessories, hang up their costumes, and change back into their regular clothes. Then a Fiesta Volunteer will direct them to go back and sit with their class in the auditorium.

Once the Fiesta program is over, boys should put their socks and shoes back on. Make sure to enjoy a snack in the cafeteria with your campers before you leave.

Thank you,
Dance, Costume, and Fiesta