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Hola Amigos! Welcome to our Junior Teens (Amigos) program at La Semana! Junior Teens (those entering grades 8-10) are bused daily to the Scout Base Camp near Fort Snelling for their programming, departing All Saints Church by 8:30am and returning daily by 2:45-3:00 p.m. We partner with Base Camp staff to plan a week that is filled with both new activities and La Semana favorites. On Friday afternoon there is an Amigo party and then campers are bused directly to Fiesta to wrap up the week. Base Camp provides an amazing opportunity for our Amigos with their professional staff who have expertise in working (and playing) with teens. We typically have over 100 Amigos and lots of fun!

Every year we take Amigos’ and Parents’ feedback and incorporate changes and adjustments to the program and activities to make it even more fun and engaging for everyone. Be sure to look at all the information here, including schedules and activities. We look forward to seeing you at La Semana!

Junior Teen Documents

Senior Teens

Senior Teens (those entering grade 11 through spring high school graduates) spend most of the day placed in classrooms or program areas as Ayudantes (helpers). See this year’s Senior Teen schedule here.

Hola Ayudantes and Parents of Ayudantes!

We are looking forward to another fun and exciting year at La Semana! We are still wrapping up a few things but wanted to get out your assignments and the information we have to you! We have made a few changes this year in hope that you find your camp experience more fulfilling as Ayudantes.


Assignments will be sent out in an email. Requests for changes will not be considered. Your preferences were taken into consideration but we were unable to accommodate everyone’s choices this year.

Your name has been sent to leaders in your volunteer area. If they need to communicate with you, they will do so by email. Please check your email and be quick to respond with their questions.


There are two documents that MUST be signed and returned on or before La Reunion. You can find those on the website under the “Teen Program”. These documents require BOTH Ayudante and parent/guardian signatures. They are: Ayudante Expectations and Ayudante Understandings. Please scan and email or mail to: Colleen Elftmann 419 Ramsey Court, Carver, MN 55315 or You can also bring them to La Reunion. AGAIN, THESE NEED TO BE SIGNED AND RETURNED IN ORDER FOR THE AYUDANTES TO PARTICIPATE IN LA SEMANA.


Our kick off for event is, Sunday, July 23 4:00 am- 6:30 am at Diamond Lake Lutheran Church, 5760 Portland Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55417.

Reconnect with friends, pick up your t-shirt, obtain the weekly schedule and learn what being an Ayudante is all about at the training event. This is MANDATORY UNLESS PRIOR ARRANGEMENTS HAVE BEEN MADE.

Contact Colleen at or 612-237-7800 to make prior arrangements. Please note: this is the Sunday BEFORE camp starts.


If you know you will miss part of La Semana due to other commitments please let me know as soon as possible. All absences must be communicated by parent/guardian. If you are ill during the week and unexpectedly need to miss, please contact Colleen as soon as possible. Parents/guardians will be contacted ANYTIME an Ayudante is missing from their assigned location without previous approval. or 612-237-7800


If an Ayudante will not be participating in Friday Fiesta, please communicate that prior to camp by contacting Colleen Elftmann.


Please contact to request a Volunteer Certificate or to send forms to your high school or organization.

That is all for now. Please visit the Teen link at for all Ayudante documents, schedules and updates!

Hasta luego!

Senior Teen Team

Senior Teen Documents