Important Messages


Update on 2016 DVDs

The DVDs have shipped and if you haven’t received yours already, you should soon. Thank you for your patience.

We apologize for the delay in the distribution of the La Semana DVD.  We are currently working through a duplication issue as diligently as we can.  As soon as we work through this issue, the DVDs will be sent to you.

Important notice to 2016 camp volunteers:

All volunteers need to read the following documents and hand in a signed form of the La Semana Volunteer Conditions on the first day of camp. Volunteers can hand in the form to the Volunteer Coordinator on the first day when they sign in at the Cafeteria, or they can hand the form to their Chair.

Conditions of accepting a La Semana volunteer positions (to be signed)

PLAC Volunteer Process and Policy

PLAC Whistleblower Policy

La Semana youth passes away

We’ve lost one of our La Semana community members, Fischer Anderson. The obituary has details about the visitation and funeral service here. UPDATE: Here is the text of the eulogy delivered by Fischer’s brother Duncan.

UPDATE (August 2016):  Fischer Anderson’s family has placed a bench at the Minnesota State Fair, which Fischer loved, in his memory. Attached are photos of the memorial bench as well as Fischer at the fair. Fischer’s family has also set up a website to remember him and help raise money for a scholarshp in his name.

PLAC – La Semana check request

Stay Current!

Help Us Keep the Volunteer Job Descriptions Up-to-Date and Accurate!

  • One of the goals for the La Semana planning committee is to collect information about each camp job and then create job descriptions for each job. The job descriptions will help volunteers chose jobs of interest and will serve as a road map for volunteers to as they carry out their tasks. From the Virtual Office main page you can click on the Job Descriptions link and be taken to a file folder (kept on Google Docs) containing each of the La Semana volunteer opportunities, sorted by committee. Each job description is editable by anyone. If you have done a camp job before, please find its job description and share your knowledge by adding your comments.

Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse

  • Minnesota Law requires certain people, because of their jobs or volunteer responsibilities, to report suspected child abuse.  The Minnesota Department of Human Services online brochure Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect provides information on this law.
  • If you are wondering if your volunteer role at La Semana places you in the category of Mandatory Reporter, err on the side of caution and child welfare and make any reports that Mandatory Reporters are required to make and let the investigating agency determine if you are a mandatory or voluntary reporter. Mandatory and voluntary reporters share the same immunity from civil liability for reports made in good faith. All La Semana volunteers and paid staff are asked to read Reporting Child Abuse and Neglect prior to camp.
  • If volunteers have any questions about reporting child abuse they are encouraged to ask Brandy Koster, Camp Chair or Kelly Anderson, Volunteer Chair. In addition to your official report, any child abuse that is observed occurring at La Semana camp must be immediately reported to Brandy Koster, Camp Chair, so action can be taken to protect the child and prevent further abuse. As a courtesy, please advise the Camp Chair if you make a child abuse report for abuse occurring outside of camp but based on information revealed to you or observed at La Semana.
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